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FORMED – Discipleship

What does Discipleship really mean?

The Gospel calls each of us to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Inspired by the virtue
and witness of Saint Peter, learn the difference between following Jesus closely and
following him at a distance.

In this powerful study from the Augustine Institute Studios, Dr. Tim Gray shows us what it
truly means to follow Christ intimately and to seek forgiveness.

Drum Circle – Sun Feb 11 2018 (after mass – 12:30)

Drum Circle
Sunday, February 11, 2018 St. Anne’s Parish Hall
10:30 am-12:00 pm (after Mass)
Everyone Welcome! Families, Children, Teens, Adults
Presented by: Dale Kiselyk! Don’t miss this fun event!
Come and join in on the sound. And excitement of a big
Drum Circle.
(The Drums are supplied)

Diocesan Survey – Let Your Voice Be Heard

The diocese of St. Paul has compiled a survey to give our people an opportunity to have their voices heard.

The survey will be operational between March 1 – May 31, 2018.

Click the appropriate links below to have your voices heard.

Parish Survey

School Survey – English

School Survey – Français

Survey letter from Bishop Paul


Retrouvaille – A lifeline for
troubled marriages! Is your marriage in crisis?
Communication problems? You are not alone., 587-598-4357, Next Edmonton Retrouvaille
Program starts Mar 16-18, 2018

Ladies Group Meeting – Tues Jan 23rd @ 2:00 pm

A meeting is scheduled on Tuesday,
January 23rd @ 2 pm. We are looking to hire a new
executive director and discuss financial decision. Everyone is
invited to attend. Hope to see you there!

Maintenance people needed for 2018:

Our church needs more maintenance volunteers to keep up with the
repairs all year round. If you would like to help, please
contact Greg Gramlich, 780-674 3520

Formed January Update

Experience the Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit this New Year!
The Holy Spirit has been given to us not as a possession to be tamed or controlled, but
rather as a Person that will lead us to the Heart of God.
In this fourteen-part series, Father Dave Pivonka T.O.R. guides you into a deeper
relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit with the hope that you might experience
the mercy, healing, peace, and presence that He brings.
Watch The Wild Goose, and embark on an adventure greater than you can imagine.

Help Needed – Removal of Christmas Decorations

Help is needed to take down the Christmas decorations after mass on Sunday January 7, 2018