Catechism Program

Contact Information

Michele Steele – Catechism and Youth Group Coordinator

Our Parish has a very vibrant Catechism Program for children ages 5 – 12.  We prepare the children for the Sacraments: 1st Reconciliation, 1st Communion and Confirmation.  The program also includes bible study, monthly Mass, music, crafts and more.  Our program runs from September to May, every Wednesday afternoon, starting 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm.  We welcome children to join at any time.

For more information about our program, please contact the Parish Office or Michele Steele.

Purpose of Catechism Program

To promote the catholic faith formation of the children of St. Anne Parish, Barrhead. We do not have a Catholic school in town and it is our moral obligation to impart our faith to our children so that they may also enjoy all the benefits of a committed life to God.


  • Expectations from the students
  1. Students will show respect and courtesy to the priests, teachers, helpers, parents, visitors and peers.
  2. Students will be polite and use appropriate language, gestures and proper dress.
  3. Students will be studious and attentive in classes, participating actively in the classes clarifying doubts and doing their assignments on time and participating in all other associated activities.
  4. Attend the class regularly.
  5. No chewing gum inside the church and the building.

Parents will be contacted in case of errant students.

  • Co-operation from the Parents

A child always looks up to his/her parents as a role model. It is the same in the case of religious formation. to ensure that the children receive proper faith formation the parents have their own responsibilities. We look forward to the co-operation of the parents without which this program may be meaningless. so we suggest the following to the parents:

  1. Attend church regularly and receive the sacraments.
  2. Show interest in and help your kids with the catechism program.
  3. Maintain communication with the class teacher.
  4. Inform respective teachers on matters that may affect a child’s performance and learning.
  5. Extend support to the program by way of offering your time and energy whenever it is asked for.