History of Holy Cross, Mosside

In the early years (1906/1907), many Catholic families in the Mosside area celebrated Mass in the home of Jean Baptiste Tetreau, father-in-law of Omer Fluet.  Fr. Pierre Marie LeBre, the travelling missionary, came by horseback about once a year from the Indian mission at Riviere Qui Barre, AB, because there were only crooked trails until about 1919.

Fr. Georges Cochette from Edmonton replaced Fr. LeBre.  At this time, the people, led by Mr. Hirst, petitioned Bishop Emile Legal for a place of worship of their own as there was no church closer than the outskirts of Edmonton. In the fall of 1916, under the leadership and support of Fr. Cochette, their little church on the hill became a reality. On August 9, 1917, Holy Cross Church was blessed and the very first Mass was celebrated, bringing much joy and thanksgiving into the hearts and souls of may of the Catholic families present.

Albert Fluet, a skilled carpenter, built the small addition to the church a few years later and did a lot of the finishing work.