Baptism is a birth into the Christian community and is in every way as solemn and important as birth itself.

  • In asking to have a child baptized, parents demonstrate their desire to share the life of Christ with their child.
  • In asking to be baptized, adults demonstrate their desire to share in the life of Christ.

Paths to Baptism

  • Parents wishing to have their babies baptized are to complete the process outlined below.
  • Parents will register children aged five to twelve in the current Catechism Programfor baptism.
  • Adults may join the RCIA Programto prepare for baptism.


  1. Mandatory Baptism Preparation Class· Baptism Preparation class is a prerequisite before having each child baptized.  Parents must attend this class without any exception. Godparents are also encouraged to attend this class along with the parents.· StAnne’s Parish offers a baptism class thrice annually (January, May and September).  For more information and to register please call the office @ 780-674-2662.
  1. Application for Baptism
  • After the preparation class, parents must download and complete the application for Baptism, (see button below to download a word document copy) following the instructions in the form.
  • Meet the pastor with the completed application and the copies of the required documents as given in the application form.
  1. Qualifications for Godparents
  • A godparent for must be:
    • a baptized Catholic who has received the Eucharist and has been Confirmed
    • at least 16 years of age
    • a practicing Catholic who participates in the Eucharistic celebration on Sundays
    • a responsible role model of Catholic faith
    • a willing supporter of the child, encouraging development and growth in the Catholic faith
  • Additional Clarification:
    • If there are two sponsors, one must be male and the other female.
    • Both godparents do not have to be from the same marriage.
    • The marriage of a godparent must be seen as valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church.
    • If the godparent is not from St. Anne’s Parish, Barrhead, he/she should get a letter of good standing from his / her pastor.
    • A baptized non-Catholic may not sponsor but may serve as a witness alongside a Catholic sponsor.
    • Non-baptized persons may not serve in the role of sponsor or witness.

4.  Request for Certificate of Baptism

To obtain a certificate of baptism, complete and mail the Baptismal Certificate Form (see button below to download a word document copy) to the parish office.  A certificate is not guaranteed but a complete search will be conducted based on the information provided.