St. Anne’s Parish Facilities

The Church

Situated in the heart of the town of Barrhead, St. Anne’s is the spiritual home for over 200 catholic families. Built in 1929, St. Anne’s church has provided spiritual abode for hundreds of families over the past years. With its humble beginning of a small budget in 1929, the families kept it growing with their generous heart. The sacristy at the backside was added in 1946, the entryway with a new facelift was added in and later with the addition of the parish hall, the overflow was added to accomodate more people in 1986.

The church can accommodate 300 people at a time.


The library at St. Anne’s is open for all the parishioners. It has a wide variety of books on different catholic disciplines. There are also CDs and videos available. Please do follow the rules and regulations on issuing and returning of books. The library will be open before and after the weekend masses, and for the catechism children on Wednesdays.

Parish Hall

St. Anne’s Parish Hall was reconstructed in 1989 as a multi-purpose facility to accommodate and encourage Catholic education and participation in fellowship and community activities, important aspects of Christian beliefs. Thus, usage and maintenance of the hall and its contents are a significant concern to all parishioners.

St. Anne’s parish hall is open for parishioners and public to rent for various purposes. Please contact the parish office for rental agreement. We reserve the right to deny or accept rental proposals.

St. Anne’s is a No Smoking Facility

  • Parish Hall Capacity:
    300 Standing
    250 Assembly with chairs
    200 Seating with tables
  • Classrooms
    available for small group meetings